My Haunted House

My Halloween themed coffee bar … haunted house from Target … galvanized drawers from Pottery Barn … “coffee, scream and sugar” mug from Home Goods. It’s been a crazy time personally. I would have normally posted more often sharing these Halloween themed things, but I decided to put them all in one blog and give Read More

My Themed Tribute To The Little Elephant, Dumbo, Who Brings Us To Tears and Cheers Through His “Tail”

Dumbo Drink Bar I haven’t seen the new movie yet. I have mixed feelings about seeing it. The reason is simple, I get too sad at the beginning. I’ve felt that way about it and Bambi since childhood. The theme of being separated from your mother whether temporarily or permanently makes me cry every time. Read More

90 Y “ears” Of Magic… Celebrating Mickey Mouse

Steamboat Willie started it all in 1928…the small letterboard is from a company called Felt Nook…the Mickey shaped pieces and “Happy Birthday” and “Mickey” words are all from a wonderful company called Believe, Dream, Imagine Mickey turns 90 years young on November 18, 1928. His first cartoon ( though not the first one made,) Steamboat Read More