Welcome, Christmas! Wreath

Last year, one of my mom’s Christmas gift requests was a wreath for her front door. I looked high and low for one and couldn’t find just the right one. I decided to make it for her. I was a little intimidated to do it. My mom has an artist eye and I was a little worried I’d disappoint her, I’m glad to report she loved it (whew!)

If I can make a wreath, you can, too.

Gather the elements of the wreath. You will need a wreath form (this one was purchased at Michael’s) picks, or anything else you want to attach to the branches (I purchased all these thing also from Michael’s) and a bow (I purchase this one pre-made from Michael’s, but you could also make your own bow.) Optional elements, but ones I included, are lights. Mine looked like little gold Christmas ornaments (Source: Kirklands, last year.) and a sign, this one says, “Joy To The World” (Source: Kirklands, too.)

Steps to make a similar wreath:

  1. I bought a berry and pine cone garland to add more to the greenery. I wove it around wreath tucking as I went (there are many options to add more greenery in craft stores)
  2. Then I added these golden ball lights (they are hard to see in photo, but they make a big impact when lit)
  3. I used wire to tie on pre-made bow to bottom of wreath
  4. I added the sign to middle of wreath. I used green floral wires to attach all items. Clipping them to the size I needed
  5. Ornaments were wired in…various colored balls plus ones with snowflake design, too
  6. Snowflakes were added in

I then placed wreath on the door to work out any kinks, fluffing and gently rearranging what I didn’t feel worked. When it was ready, I took it over to my mom to surprise her! This is a photo of my mom tinkering with the wreath on her screen door (once an artist always an artist.) I have to share a sweet story about my dad, this wreath and the blog. I recently showed my parents my blog. I dedicated the blog to my artist mom and her influence on my life. (if you want to read the dedication, click here: ) I wasn’t sure what my dad thought of it all til my next visit to their house. My dad asked me a lot of questions about blogging. This is so him. All my life he has cared about what matters to me and supported me and my brothers. He coached our teams growing up (for me, basketball and for my brothers, little league,) he helped me when teaching by cutting out things for projects, and now with this blog, he decided to come up with some content. He told me to take a photo of the wreath and blog about how I made it for them. I thought it was the sweetest thing. The lighting wasn’t great at the time, but I wasn’t about to let this beloved man down. I plan on listening to his future ideas. This post, I wrote especially for him, but I hope it inspires you to create. Crafting is about jumping out there and trying new things. There is no wrong way. We sometimes get caught up in doing it perfect or wanting to knowing exactly how to begin. It can bog us down. We all have an artist in our souls. So take the plunge and attempt something creatively that you’ve always wanted to do!

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. -author unknown

Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein