Christmas Festive Food Finds

Here is a list of some of my favorite food finds for the season. They are wonderful for snacks or gifts.

Trader Joe’s

  1. Peppermint Jo-Jo’s (chocolate sandwich cookies with peppermint filling. This is a favorite of my mom-in-law. It’s a tradition of ours to have some together)

  2. Cinnamon Stars (a cinnamon ginger cookie. They are small, so are the perfect little addition for a bite of sweet)

  3. Ginger Oat Bars (a divine snack bar to have on the go)

  4. Pfeffeenüsse (I have not tried these. I got them for my in laws. It’s a German spice cookie that I saw got rave reviews from several sites)

  5. Winter Chocolate Reindeer and Sled (so cute …some assembly required. I will feature it in my Christmas movie night, so stay tuned)

  6. Cheesy trees (sharp cheddar cheese crackers shaped like little trees)

  7. Scalloped Cracker Trio (great crackers for entertaining….the package include 3 flavors: rosemary, red chili, and garlic)

  8. Cranberry and Cambert Puff Pastries (a wonderful warm appetizer…I haven’t found them this season, but keep hoping…if you see them in the store pick them up, you won’t regret it!)

  9. Salted Caramel Cocoa (a great gift to give to friends)


  1. Little Debbie’s North Pole Nutty Bars (the Christmas version of their regular nutty bars with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. They are decorated to look like a candy cane)

  2. Chex cereal ( Chex mix is a Christmas tradition in our home)

  3. Christmas candies ( some for baking like Hershey’s kisses and Heath Bars; some for candy jars….I think I’m part elf)

  4. International Delights Reese’s Coffee Creamer (maybe not super Christmasy, but for this peanut butter lover it’s so good)

  5. Lactaid free eggnog

We elves like to stick to the four Main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.”Buddy The Elf from Elf

What are some of your favorite Christmas foods you purchase ?