Holiday Recipe Book…A Recipe Revelation

For years and years, I’d dig through my recipes to find my holiday ones. Some of the time, I’d call my mom and ask her for the recipe if the hunt was futile. Then an idea hit me, a recipe revelation if you will. So simple and yet it changed my baking world. I made a recipe book for just holiday recipes!

It’s so easy to create. Just:

  1. Purchase a recipe book….I got mine at Hallmark a few years ago. It happened to have a holiday theme already that I loved!
  2. Make sure it has recipes cards in it. Most come with them and plastic sleeves…if it doesn’t have them buy some.
  3. Dividers are a nice way to organize it. Some of my categories are: cookies and candies, beverages, appetizers, breads, salads, and main dishes.
  4. On the dividers, I wrote the recipes in the order I have them in that section (like a mini index)
  5. Write Recipe cards out of your favorite and most used holiday recipes. Insert them in sleeves

You don’t have to just have Christmas recipes in this book. I also keep ones from other holidays including our favorite birthday cake recipes,

This photo shows my handwritten mini index for this section. Each number is a different page of recipes. It’s a quick reference to which recipes I have in each category

Two Of my favorite holiday recipes are pictured here. The peanut butter fudge recipe is from my Aunt Mabel. It holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. One, I love peanut butter! Two, the first time my aunt made it I was with her. She had me over for the weekend and one thing we did was make candy. She made this fudge every year from then on and so did we. We’ve made it for 44 years (I was a baby when I first made it…lol) The second recipe is not unique to our family, but beloved nonetheless. My Aunt Donna would make peanut blossoms every year. My brothers and I had the job of unwrapping the Hershey kisses. Making these two recipes brings it all back…the sweet memories… makes me feel close to them both.

The secret ingredient to every family recipe is love.” -author unknown

“You only live once, so lick the bowl!” – author unknown