Santa Is Coming To Town Office

This room has been making a transformation. Life is always changing around us. We’ve lived in this home for 20 years now. I believe this room has had the most changes in its purpose. For many years it was our dedicated guest room. I had a teaching theme in there. I displayed all my teaching gifts and photos. Our home had two guest rooms for many years. We’ve hosted a lot of people. We had friends and family visit, but we’ve also had long term guests as well. For a short time, this room was exclusively a craft room. Then a plan was hatched to have my niece come and live with us while she went to college. I excitedly outfitted it into a room for her. She just moved out after four years of living with us. They were wonderful years, but new chapters were about to begin. Here is a photo of her room while she lived here:

It’s a bit bare bones here as she had already began to move out. We took the bed out and much of the furniture and put my desk in. For Christmas we went for a Santa Claus Is Coming To Town theme. Here is my desk area decked out:

Whenever I photograph anything I always notice what needs to be fixed. The one drawer on the right has paper stuck behind it and wouldn’t close all the way (my hubby handyman has it on his to do list.) There is always something to work on in a home, isn’t there? My Santa theme is carried out here with a tree at one end.

I just love this tree decked out only in jolly St. Nicks. My mom painted them all and the cute Santa figures at base and to the left. I love the tones of this tree…all different shades of reds and greens. The tree skirt is a dish towel draped around with the pom pom edge mirroring the pom poms of the garland. At the top of the tree, the little heart ornament tells Santa, “Yes, Santa, I’ve been good”

Another view of tree. It’s quite the jolly little tree. Makes me merry whenever I look at it.

For the season, I put up this adorable hanging on my bulletin board. The sign is from an Etsy shop called KbeltDesigns it’s a line from the book, The Night Before Christmas. She has a wonderful shop, please go check her out. My planner cover is also from an Etsy shop called 13 Hour Creations. The little clips at top of planner, one in a Santa hat is from another Etsy shop called Peach Pom and the candy cane striped bow clip is from Lane and Alley Boutique, also wonderful shops I frequent.

This shelf at the other end of my desk showcases my adorable village that my Mom-in-law gave me when we were first married. I just love miniature scenes. This one has the village on the bottom with church on the hill. The next level has the train station. The top level has a small farm.

Here is a close up of the bottom level. The little nativity on the side reminds me of ones we were given in Sunday School when I was a child. Santa is picking up his letters. Across the room from this is are larger shelves that continue this Letters to Santa mini theme with in a theme.

This corner also has two cups of pens with a jolly Santa candy jar that holds peppermints.

Across from the desk is this cozy spot. A comfy chair with pillow fit for Santa to rest in while he reads his mail. Above are shelves that have a theme of Letters to Santa.

The bottom shelf has Mrs. Claus and Santa flanking an oversized letter. The words naughty and nice playfully sit here as we all wonder this time of year if we’ve made the right list.

The 2nd shelf has a large gold envelope with the words: ho ho ho. Inside the envelope old Christmas cards merrily poke out while Santa and an angel look on.

The top shelf has Santas flanking a large Christmas stamp …big enough to insure that the letter makes it all the way to the North Pole.

( Shop Sources: Santa Letter and North Pole Stamp are from a shop called Details 2 Enjoy. All the figurines were painted by my mom. The little words of naughty, nice, and ho ho ho are also from Details 2 Enjoy. I absolutely love this shop. They make beautiful seasonal art. Check out their Instagram of the same name where there is a link to their online store. Gold envelope was bought at Target. Greenery is from Michael’s. The Christmas tree is from Kirklands bought last year. Shelves are from IKEA.)

Close up of Christmas envelope. I love the details of the address.

Close ups of the gold envelope and the North Pole Postage.

The last thing set up in this room, so far, is my craft table. I love this table because it folds down when I’m not using it. In this photo, it is closed up. This cute parade of Santa items sit on it. The Oh what fun plate ( Pottery Barn Kids,) the Santa lantern ( a gift,) the Santa with his pack ( lights up, too, from Home Goods several years ago,) and Santa on the roof top (also from Home Goods, a few years back.)

The opposite corner of this room is where my husband’s desk will be. He hasn’t moved in yet.

I love how this room turned out. It’s quite jolly. I’ve addressed all my holiday cards at this desk including my own letter to Santa ( giggle, giggle)

Santa’s coming! I know him – Buddy from the movie, “Elf”