Christmas Eve Movie Night

It’s a tradition in our home to watch holiday movies on Christmas Eve. My husband, since his youth, has watched Alastair Sim in “A Christmas Carol.” We always have chex mix, too. It’s a night of snacking, drinking of eggnog and cocoa, and the beloved shows. This year I decided to do a little theme to celebrate the characters of these shows. They feel like old friends, don’t they? Friends we visit every Christmas. Rudolph, Charlie, Linus, Wallace & Davis, George Bailey, Buddy, Ebeneezer and all the rest are are holiday family.

This was a fun idea I adapted from Pinterest. It’s Charlie’s tree after it got Linus’s blanket and some love from the gang. It was so simple to do. All you need is a cheeseboard and some ingredients. Rosemary sprigs divide each layer. I’ve seen many different variations of this, which is what makes it so great. You can put the ingredients you want to have. I was going fairly simple with cheese cubes, crackers (I found tree shaped ones at Trader Joe’s), and strawberry slices. It turned out so cute.

I’m the kind of girl who tends to go big on themes. Tonight, however, I wanted it more low key and less work, but still playful. Sometimes that means store bought. These cute reindeer cupcakes filled the bill.

Since Buddy and all elves love sugar, peanut butter fudge seemed to be calling his name. This is a favorite family recipe that I’ve had every Christmas Eve since childhood.

I wish I had gone a little lighter on the green food coloring of the Grinch Grog….still I love the jaunty strawberry that mimics his hat. This drink has ginger ale, pineapple juice and a splash of rum. You could make a virgin version of it as well. Clark’s eggnog was just a store bought one…I am sad I don’t have the moose glasses to serve it in!

Lastly, we had a cocoa bar. The Santa Clause with the elf Judy’s special recipe: not too hot, extra chocolate, shaken not stirred.

Cocoa bar at the ready!

Let’s drink hot cocoa, eat some snacks, snuggle and watch Christmas movies!