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Growing up, my mom was always doing something creative.  She brought beauty into our home and lives through her creating.  She taught us to love it, too. She and my aunt were always working on crafts.  So many pass through my memory and bring a smile: bird houses, Christmas ornaments, decoupaged plaques, painted stools, Easter eggs, the list goes on and on. One of my favorite memories is making little Christmas bells with my mom and my brothers. It was a simple project of putting tiny pearls and sequins on pins, but we loved making them. We felt like we were artists, too. We still hang those bells on our trees.

My mom is an incredible painter. I don’t say that because I’m her daughter, she truly is.  She puts her heart and soul into a piece.  Some of her art graces  my home. I treasure them.  My mom taught me what  being creative brings to one’s life. She made it a priority. She modeled to us that even in the hardest times of life,  one can find joy and beauty.  I learned from her to put what matters at the top of my list and live it. I dedicate this blog to her.

Mom & Dad 


My husband, Bob, has many silly nicknames for me.  One of them is ‘Listy Lindy’ for my love of lists (I do adore a good list.) I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities. It’s  so easy to let what really matters slide to the bottom or even off the list. The fact that people create bucket lists speaks to this.  I have always been wired to live all out, to love people all out, to celebrate life all out, and do the things that bring me joy.  As time passes, this drive is stronger.  I love to create, organize, write, entertain and decorate. This blog will feature these passions of mine. It is a reflection of living my list. I hope it inspires you to live yours!

Bob & me

“Getting To Know A Bit About Lindy” List

  1. I am a Christian. Seeking Him is always first on my list.
  2. I’ve been married for 34 years to a wonderful gentleman (in every sense of the word) named Bob. He is my happily ever after.
  3. I have an adorable maltepoo named Lady.
  4. I love homemaking. I love creating a cozy little corner that is uniquely us. I like to change out things for seasons/holidays.
  5. I was a school teacher (15 years elementary; 6 years preschool.) I’m blessed to still be connected with many of my “kids.”
  6. I live in California. I adore going to the beach. Disneyland is our 2nd home. We’ve had passes for 25 years.
  7. Silly is my middle name. Silly rocks. Silly is a lost art form.
  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica, meet Paul Michael Glaser (from Starsky & Hutch,) and dance like Gene Kelly.
  9. My label maker is one of my dearest pals. I love to organize.
  10. I love to entertain and celebrate life. Anytime is a great time for a little party in my world.
  11. I’m sentimental. I like to capture memories through making scrapbooks, keepsakes or journals.
  12. I adore a good theme. I think in themes. My husband says (sarcastically and affectionately) I’m living the thematic life.
  13. I love to show people dear to me that I love them. I believe in being expressive and putting my love into meaningful acts. I’m a relationship girl. I love connecting with people.
  14. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching favorite movies, tv shows, or playing games.
  15. I’m so excited that I’m blogging. It combines all my loves and is a dream come true!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Lindy’s List!

Live Your List,


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