Celebrating Matters…Valentine’s Day ….In the midst of Grief

Today is the day we celebrate love…true love…sweethearts buy each other candy, flowers, and Hallmark cards. We go out to dinner or have a romantic one at home. Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. Since I was a little girl, I loved the idea of giving and receiving valentines. You remember the little parties Read More

A Tribute to My First Valentine, My Heart, My Coach, My Biggest Fan, My Cribbage Partner, My Compass, My Silly Goofball, My Kindred Soul, My Daddy

I so do…always and forever, daddy. Love never dies and the bond is unbroken. Each day I’m a little closer to seeing your dear face again! My dad was an athlete. In his younger days, he played as many sports as he could, but he excelled at football. He had a great love affair with Read More