Friendsgiving Disney Style

My fireplace all decorated in the theme… Sources: wreath from JoAnns…Friendsgiving banner from Amazon… letterboard from Felt Good Vibes….pumpkin icon on letterboard from A Peace of Creativity (Etsy)

I kind of love doing Disney mash ups with something unexpected. This theme was exactly that. It’s around Thanksgiving. I was having a few friends over, so Friendsgiving seemed a perfect theme. I wanted to put another layer to it by adding a little Disney magic. The current Disney movie is live action Lady & The Tramp, so I thought that’s the perfect choice. Lady & The Tramp may predominantly be a love story, but there is also a theme of friendship.

My friends have come to many of my themed events through the year, but this one welcomed a new friend to the party. Since it was her first time experiencing a theme of mine, I wanted to do something meaningful to her. She has 4 dogs, so that made this choice of theme even more easy to make. It was so fun to host her and my other friends.

Guests were greeted with this sign declaring the theme

My vision for the party was to create Tony’s Ristorante ( where Lady & The Tramp had their famous spaghetti dinner and kiss) celebrating “Friendsgiving.” With that in mind, I decided on Italian food for the menu. I served 3 courses. Each course has a nod to Thanksgiving and to Lady & The Tramp.

The ristorante sign …letterboard by Felt Good Vibes, banner by A Peace of Creativity ( Etsy) “Tony” font and silverware from Words With Means ( Etsy). Lady & The Tramp figurine by Jim Shore… Fall trees are by Department 56 and the little pumpkins are by Shop Cherry Sprinkles ( Etsy)

We began with drinks. I offered a variety of my usual beverages ….soda, water, coffee, tea…but tonight guests could have Italian Sodas, too. They aren’t too difficult to make and bring another layer to the theme.

Bar set up in theme and ready to make Italian Sodas…recipe: 4-6 ice cubes, 1/2 -3/4 cup soda water added, then 3 Tablespoons of half and half, next 3 Tablespoons of syrup ( I offered peach and raspberry and added vanilla later ) then garnish with whipped cream and a cherry…Sources: syrups from World Market…gold cups from Party City… Lady & The Tramp silhouettes from Disneyland … bow on letterboard from All About Bows ( Etsy shop)… Happy Friendsgiving napkins from Target

The first course was appetizers … I served a cranberry jalapeño dip with crisp little bread crackers … antipasti on skewers, these two were the nod to Thanksgiving with the flavors and presentation. I put the skewers as a turkey fan around a pear turkey body I made. The antipasti skewers were alternating Italian olives, marinated mozzarella balls and salami. I also served meatballs in a grape jam/chile sauce a nod to Lady & The Tramp and their meatball dinner …and some rosemary parmesean “pup” corn.

antipasti skewers become the turkey feathers

The 2nd course was dinner. Because it was Friendsgiving, Tony served something a bit heartier then spaghetti, I made my mom’s lasagna. She always made it for when we had company growing up and sometimes even for Christmas Eve. I made bread sticks in the shape of “bones” with a spread of garlic and parmesean. Lastly, I served a mini salad bar, so people could make their own. All of this was served buffet style

My mom’s lasagna recipe is so good …the difference is the layer of ricotta, cream cheese and sour cream with green peppers and green onions.

Mini salad bar that guests could help themselves to

The final course was the dessert. Again, I mixed Thanksgiving, Lady & The Tramp, and Italian. Pilgrim hats made from cookies and Reese’s … Mini cupcakes with paw prints out of candies another dessert … and a cannoli dip with wafer cookies.

Cannoli dip and wafer cookies …cookies from World Market

Pilgrim hat cookies/candies …Mini “paw” cupcakes

My niece ( in middle) posing lol …the buffet

I set the table with layers of plates and napkins for the different courses. Turkey place cards from Party City add a bit of festiveness. The centerpiece was flowers, and two lit pieces one representing Thanksgiving from Jim Shore and the other Lady & The Tramp from Disneyland

Placesetting close up … paper goods from Party City except leaf napkins which were from Target …beige rimmed plate from Crate & Barrel… paisley napkin from Pottery Barn

Tablescape …the closer lit box is the spaghetti scene from Lady & The Tramp …the light makes it hard to see it

We had great conversation …we watched the original Lady & The Tramp … we played games. I gave a garlic Parmesan dipping oil for bread as a parting gift for the human guests …and since each guest has a beloved dog at home, I also sent home my dog’s favorite dog biscuit from Trader Joe’s. Their peanut butter and banana ones, she just loves.

A close up of the letterboard on mantel …letterboard by Felt Good Vibes… pumpkin by A Peace of Creativity

close ups of some elements …the adorable Lady & The Tramp spoon is by Little Magical Supply Co ( etsy) …the beautiful Lady/Tramp peg dolls by Meyer’s Peg Dolls


Lady & The Tramp Tiered Tray …1st tier: Spoon by Little Magical Supply Co ( Etsy)… L&TT peg dolls by Meyer’s Peg Dolls …2nd tier: crocheted Lady hat by Aleyza Love ( Etsy)…Puppy Lady popping out of shoe box from Jim Shore… L&TT light box from Disneyland… Bottom Tier: L&TT eating spaghetti figurine from Jim Shore… lit candle from JoAnn’s Fabrics …L&TT beads with paw prints from The Pink Hutch ( Etsy)

My niece, Terese, after the party

First photo the beginning of the set up…last photo, my niece Torrey having sweet dreams with Mickey …after the party …and both my nieces were okay with photos I posted of them in this post

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my mash up of Thanksgiving/Lady & The Tramp! I’m thankful for you coming a long on this blogging journey with me! I began my blog at this time two years ago. It’s been a dream come true to share some of my themes, decor, and life with you all. Celebrating is always top of my list…may you have a joyous Thanksgiving with your tribe.

Coming up next on the blog is Christmas! I have some fun things to share. Including sharing one favorite Christmas show/movie a day til Christmas…you can follow daily on my Instagram from December 1st to 25th and here on the blog weekly.

All sources referenced in last L &TT tiered photo except…bone bow from All About Bows ( Etsy)… stuffed Lady & Tramp are from Shop Disney… faithful friend dog ornament from Mary Engelbreit