Friendsgiving Disney Style

My fireplace all decorated in the theme… Sources: wreath from JoAnns…Friendsgiving banner from Amazon… letterboard from Felt Good Vibes….pumpkin icon on letterboard from A Peace of Creativity (Etsy) I kind of love doing Disney mash ups with something unexpected. This theme was exactly that. It’s around Thanksgiving. I was having a few friends over, so Read More

My Themed Tribute To The Little Elephant, Dumbo, Who Brings Us To Tears and Cheers Through His “Tail”

Dumbo Drink Bar I haven’t seen the new movie yet. I have mixed feelings about seeing it. The reason is simple, I get too sad at the beginning. I’ve felt that way about it and Bambi since childhood. The theme of being separated from your mother whether temporarily or permanently makes me cry every time. Read More

The Magic of Mary Poppins … Some Thoughts On “Mary Poppins” and “Mary Poppins Returns”

This lovely poster was bought from the Etsy shop, Heart 2 Heart By Helen I’ve loved Mary Poppins since I was a little girl. That movie was the first one we went to a drive in for. After that, my mom bought us the Mary Poppins’ album. We listened to it over and over, Those Read More