Peter Rabbit Themed Luncheon

Peter Rabbit Easter Luncheon

A few years back, I hosted an Easter luncheon. I love to have a theme for occasions. I chose Peter Rabbit. For me, having a theme just makes my creativity spark. How I love Pinterest and all the ideas you can find there. The bunny shaped bread bowl was one find. It was perfect for the hummus dip for the veggies. It was so easy to make, too (will share the process below.) I had to have veggies for the theme….after all, Mr Mac Gregor’s garden is a big part of the tale or should I say, “tail?” The veggie tray was a colorful addition to the spread. Deviled eggs were also a must given it was Easter. I served hot ham and cheese sandwiches, too. To the right on the table are blackberry scones ( made from a mix) with berry cream cheese spread. Blackberries are one of my favorite fruits…I guess I share that in common with Peter and his siblings. I also made little radish tea sandwiches (pictured below.)

Radish Tarragon Tea Sandwiches …the spread was cream cheese and tarragon

The Peter Rabbit bread bowl was made from various size rolls. The body was a large sourdough one, which I dug out a space in for the hummus. The legs and arms were made from one baguette that was cut in 4 pieces. The ears were one baguette cut in half. The face was the top of the sourdough roll I used for the body. One olive cut in half was used for the eyes. Each eye was one half and secured with a toothpick. The nose was one whole olive, also secured with a toothpick. The whiskers were uncut chives.

Close up of Peter Rabbit Bread Bowl with Hummus

I made Mint Juleps for the day. Using a simple sugar syrup and infusing it with mint. I added a bit of 7 up to it as well. To continue the theme, I placed Peep bunnies on skewers. It was fun to recreate these drinks. They are a favorite of mine when I go to Disneyland.

Friends and our niece enjoying their Mint Juleps

For dessert, I purchased a store cake and added my own touches. I got marizipan and tried to make a Peter Rabbit and little veggies for the garden. It was fun to do. Obviously, it was my first attempt and so, I had a bit of a learning curve. I’ve found to be creative that you need to just try to do things. I added crumbled up Oreos to the top for the dirt part of the garden. I made little signs for the vegetables and the garden. Buying the cake made it less work and more fun.

Peter Rabbit Cake close up…the beautiful flower bowl was given to me by my friend

I found Peter Rabbit themed paper goods for plates and napkins. I went casual with this as we did a buffet style. I rolled the napkins with the plastic silverware and tied with a ribbon. I placed them in a little bucket, so people could help themselves.

Napkins for the luncheon

We had a lovely day. We watched Miss Potter, the movie about Beatrix Potter while we ate. This theme was fun to do. It was a nice relaxed time being with our friends. A very memorable holiday.

My hubby, Bob, and our doggie, Lady enjoying their Easter lunch