Fall Game Night

I always looked forward to Sundays when I was growing up.  We would go to church, come home and rest. Later in the day, we’d play board games or cards. Sunday was a day to relax and play from start to finish.  I love that we did that as a family. We took the time to play, to hang out and to be.  I still love to end the weekend with a day of church, rest, movies and games.

This game night is my tribute to fall. I added in flavors like pumpkin and apples to the foods.   I tried to create an atmosphere that was  relaxing, with comfortable chairs and soft lighting.  The decor of the room also reflected the night’s theme.

Sunday is game night in our home. It’s a wonderful way to end the weekend and begin a new week

The spicy hummus topped with pumpkin spice pumpkin seeds was bought from Trader Joe’s. It’s a game night favorite of ours.  I picked vegetables that would also echo the fall theme in their colors of red, yellow and orange.

Spicy hummus and peppers

For the sweet item, I made an  “Apple Crisp Dip.”  This is a variation of one I found on Pinterest. It has an apple pie filling with a streusel top poured over cream cheese and served with Wheat thins.

Apple Crisp Dip with Crackers

Having a cheese board is a wonderful way to have a variety of foods in a small space. This one incorporates some fall flavors in the mix. Gouda cheese is on the raised tier and below it is an array of crackers, fruit, nuts and a ready made bleu cheese dip.

Fall Cheeseboard

For drinks, we like to have plenty of water on hand. Often we just have sodas, but tonight, I made an “Apple Cider Float.”  I got my inspiration for this drink from several sources, combining elements of different recipes to make these.  I added some vanilla wafer cookies to dip in the floats as we enjoyed them.  We just completed this bar area, so the floats were the first drinks served here.

Apple Cider Floats

You can find the step by step directions to the Apple Cider 🍎 Floats below:

Link to: The Recipe

We won’t tell you who won 😜. We enjoyed our fall game night. Just keeping it real, many game nights are no fuss like the next week’s when we ate left over snacks like this….