The Anniversary of Two Dreams Come True…Part 1

Wedding day

I loved being a Christmas bride…we were married exactly one week before Christmas. We had Christmas carols in the service. We had Christmas trees and cookies at the reception!

35 years ago today , I married my true love. It was a dream come true. That day was a magical day brimming with love from start to finish. I remember not only feeling like the most blessed girl because of marrying my Bob, but also because we were surrounded by all our loved ones. One of the best pieces of advice I got about that day came from a family friend, who said, ” Make sure you take in the day, don’t miss it!” She was so wise. I remember walking down the aisle and looking at each row of people there and feeling their love and support. I remember walking with my daddy step by step, thinking about what a dear man he was and seeing my groom at the front of the church.

It feels like it was just yesterday. Time is crazy like that. I’ve heard an expression that says it perfectly, “The days are long, but the years are short.” It feels like we blinked and we are down the road 35 years. Yet I know that isn’t true. So much life has transpired since then. Many beautiful days and some very hard ones. So much laughter and also tears. My husband has been the best life partner. He’s my best friend. He’s my knight in shining armor. He’s my protector. He’s my home.

My Bob

Here is a little list of some the things I love about him in honor of this day:

1. He loves the Lord. It matters to him to live for God and know Him.

2. He’s devoted to me. He is committed to our life. I know that he always will be all in.

3. He loves me unconditionally. I know no matter how much I fail or mess up, he won’t leave. I know I can be me with him.

4. He has the best sense of humor. He makes me laugh. He has a dry sense of humor. He also does wonderful impressions. I think one of my favorite ones he does is Vizzini from The Princess Bride…and I love how he is always quoting movies we both love.

5. He doesn’t give up. We had some real curve balls and he keeps swinging.

6. He loves my people. When I taught, he loved my students. He loves my family and always has shown them from day one he does. He loves our friends.

7. He’s a wonderful chef. He makes a great soufflé. He plays the guitar and writes love songs to me. He loves to build things and make our home better and nicer with his work.

8. He loves Disneyland like I do…we have so many wonderful memories of going.

9. He is very smart. He’s always learning and growing.

10. He not only supports my dreams. He encourages me with his faith in them.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to marry him. We’ve failed each other, but never in the most important things. I trust him with my heart. It’s so nice to be able to be totally and completely oneself, Here we are 35 years later. I celebrate with a grateful heart, the gift of my Bob and our life.

The photos are old and grainy before the invention of cell phones, but precious images of our life together

This is us in our 20s

35 years has gone fast…I want the years to slow down. I look forward to all the years ahead with my sweetheart, but today we celebrate us and this milestone

Some of my favorite movie couples are a part of my letterboard for true love,

How Sweet it is to be loved by you.

I love letter boards and setting festive tables…this two sided letter board from the incredible company Felt Good Vibes (the shop owners are the sweetest couple and their boards are the best!) is awesome for the table. The first side is my homage to couples of true love. The fancy lettering is from a shop on Etsy called Words With Means.Her shop is one of my go tos for letter accessories. …the poinsettias on both sides are from another wonderful shop on Etsy called A Peace of Creativity. She makes handmade themed and seasonal shapes for the boards. They have beautiful dimensions and sparkle!

Near the boards are anniversary cupcakes I got from a local shop. One is gingerbread eggnog and the other is a peppermint one. The shop is called The Cake Cottage. I thought it would be fun to have a number on each one to represent 35 years. On either side are eggnog cocktails. They are made with eggnog, brandy and some nutmeg. I garnished them with these adorable gummy Christmas shapes from Trader Joe’s. The “me” and “you” glasses I got from Pottery Barn Outlet.

Naughty or Nice …depends on the day lol

Cheers to a beautiful life

I’m thankful for my love story. My Bob is one of the greatest gifts the Lord ever gave me. I’m excited about new chapters ahead. Bob’s always encouraged my dreams and he is part of why part 2 of this post came to be. I will be sharing another special anniversary in my next blog!

My brother sent us this for our anniversary…I just love it!

This quote sums up our relationship …it’s so important to be able to laugh together!