Disney Day At The Park…What’s In My Backpack

My Disneyland Backpack

My husband and I love making trips to Disneyland. We’ve been annual passholders 26 years, so it is like our 2nd home. We both have things to bring that make the day nicer…my hubby packs much lighter generally, so I carry things for us both. For many years, we just carried fanny packs, but have found a backpack is better suited for what we like to have with us. One big reason for the switch is we like to bring in multiple water bottles to the park. It’s much easier to carry them in that way.

This backpack I bought on Main Street in Disneyland at Disneyland Clothiers. It has two compartments that zip up. A larger one that has a small internal pocket. There is also a smaller one in the front of the backpack. On one side, there is a pocket to hold a water bottle (I love this backpack … it’s just about perfect in function and design … my one issue is I wish the pocket that holds the water bottle was a little deeper. Sometimes the water bottle comes out.)

This is what I typically carry in my back pack (pouches have items, too. I will detail those below)

The photo above shows what I generally take to the park. All items, except the smallest pouch, snacks, Kleenex, brush, sunglasses and lotion ( these are in the smaller zippered compartment,) are kept in bigger section of backpack.

The two bigger pouches are housed there. Whatever coat I bring in (this depends on the weather …. except on the hottest of days, I’ve found it’s good to at least have a light weight coat or in this photo, a vest.) I usually bring a pair of mouse ears and a visor. The visor is great for sunny days. I pack a minimum of 2 waters, but more often 3 (yes, they weigh me down a bit, but with it on my back, it’s not too bad.) Disneyland will provide ice water at various locations. It’s very easy to get dehydrated at the park. A long with these waters, we keep a cooler in the car with blue ice and more waters for our trip home.

I also have a clutch (more on this in a bit.) I just added this Mickey shaped passholder and am still playing with where to keep it. It may end up in a pouch.

Close up of one of the park pouches …bought at The Emporium, Disneyland, several years ago

I’ve found that a pouch system works well for me to organize my backpack. I coined the phrase, “park pouches” to describe them. Each one serves a purpose and organizes the vast majority of my smaller items. This really helps in grabbing things on the fly or in a darkened ride. I also have a clutch for the day. I place my wallet items in there, so I can shop or buy food items with just this piece. These bags really contain things by category, no more searching through a big backpack.

The biggest pouch holds all the bulky items

The biggest park pouch contains all the bulky or miscellaneous items. I keep my phone cord and plug in here (also, not pictured: a portable charger to charge my phone. There are various charging stations in the park, but it’s time consuming to do. This allows me to charge and keep enjoying my day.) I also keep a small flashlight. I’ve never had to use it, but having gotten stuck on a darkened ride before, it just makes me feel better to have it, just in case.) My sunblock lives here. I have an issue with my back and always carry an extra pain patch. A small pack of wipes comes in handy. The compact mirror is another item that I seldom use, but is nice to have. Lastly, a pen (you never know when you may want an autograph from a character or celebrity.)

2nd pouch contains first aid supplies

I keep first aid supplies in the second park pouch. (Off topic, but aren’t these pouches adorable. I had to get them for Walt’s dear face alone.) I do pack in a lot here … always kind of the one who has the bandaid in my party. Sometimes I pack this lighter, but I always include blister block, bandaids, antibacterial ointment, aspirin (and other things like it.) This is something that needs to be what you use … make it practical to you. I always have lactaid pills, airborne (often lots of coughing and sneezing at the park …so glad they have put in some hand sanitizers throughout the resort.)

Other items I include, but aren’t necessary (again, personal preference) are cough drops, gauze, q-tips, cotton balls, lens wipes, Imodium, Beano, and Dramamine ( I have issues with motion sickness…these I take sometime for the ride up to the park.)

This first aid kit has come in handy on more then one occasion. You don’t have to have so many items in yours, but pick things that will give you a comfortable day. Disneyland has first aid stations, too, They have saved the day for me, when I have needed a bandaid.

In the clutch (this one is Mickey themed,) I keep a small wallet (from Fossil) that holds what I need for the park day, I sometimes use the coin purse (from World of Disney, Disneyland), too. I like to collect press pennies so will often bring more change. If I’m not wearing my sunglasses, sometimes they reside here …sometimes they are in my front compartment of backpack, too.

The clutch has what I need to shop or buy food. I’ve found it easier to pull it out, then open up my whole backpack each time. I LOVE to shop at Disneyland and often will go from shop to shop. This way I just leave my backpack on my back and have all I need in this. The Mickey bag is from an Etsy shop called Two Girls Handmade (I love her work.)

The last pouch is the smallest one. It lives with these other items in the front compartment of my backpack

The last pouch is the smallest one it lives in the front compartment of the backpack. These items also reside there: a brush, a travel size lotion ( this one is from Bath & Bodyworks,) Kleenex ( got these princess ones at The Dollar Store,) and snacks (usually a couple. .. cracker packs are ones we take often, Trader Joe’s PB & J Bars (or another kind of bar,) nuts, or some other little energy item. My hubby gets low blood sugar, so it’s good to have these at the ready.)

Smallest park pouch holds the smaller items and ones I use a lot

The smallest park pouch lives in the front smaller compartment of my backpack. Besides the loose items mentioned above, this bag holds frequently used smaller items. Starting at the top row ( going left to right): lip gloss, chapstick with spf 15, and a favorite cologne cream from Lush. The middle row ( left to right): hair tie, hand sanitizer back up (one is also clipped to outside of my backpack) from Bath & Bodyworks, small tin of Altoids, and Listerine strips. Bottom row (left to right): a cough drop (more in 1st aid park pouch….this is in case of a cough that comes on quickly) lactaid pill ready for snack and a lens wipe for glasses or electronics.

I like having these handy…what you would put in this front compartment may be different …it’s what you would use often in the parks.

Backpack packed up and ready

The above photo shows it all packed in. Because everything is compartmentalized, it’s neat and easy to access. I usually leave my pack mostly packed. I add the waters, snacks, charger, phone and wallet items that day. I change out my ears, visor, coat depending on what I’m wearing and the weather.

What do you carry in your Disney backpack? I’d love to hear. My backpack sure helps me have a comfortable, fun day at the park, so I can enjoy the magical moments all out!

Lady has a “bone” to pick with me…she often goes with us and has her own backpack she wants to share.

PART 2: Read on, if you’d like to see what we bring for our doggie’s “backpack” to Disneyland….

Our Lady is a Disney doggie through and through. We took her to the park one week after we got her. She has been over two dozen times since. She loves hearing the phrase,” Let’s go to Disneyland!” For her, it means a long car ride, several wonderful walks and hanging out with other Disney doggies at The Disneyland Kennel.

Lady’s Disneyland “backpack”

We take her things in this large zippered bag. We got it at World of Disney at Disneyland. It holds everything she needs for a happy and comfortable day. The small gray felt board used for these series of photos is from a great company called Feltnook Boards ( the square letterboard used for my backpack is also a Feltnook Board.)

All of these things go in the one bag

All these items go in to the zippered bag. It’s light weight and fairly easy to carry in. It provides her bedding, clothes, food and other necessities for the day.

Lady’s bedding

The smartest thing we bring is her bed. It gives her a comfortable day at the kennels. The little lambskin square serves as a soft rug. She loves her little Lady & The Tramp blanket. I made the blanket from fleece bought at JoAnn’s. While this is bulky to carry, it really hasn’t been an issue. It’s very light weight.

Lady’s Disney Bounding Outfit

We always have a coat for her. Sometimes we dress her up in the ears and Minnie skirt. She has a few seasonal Disney outfits that we rotate. She wore the ears and skirt her first trip to the park.

Lady’s park pouch

Lady has just one park pouch to hold all she needs for a Disney day. I got this adorable bag at Michael’s. I use this for all her day trips to other places, too.

Lady’s park pouch contents

Her park pouch includes (from right going clockwise around the pouch): a collapsible drink/food bowl, her food (they do provide food at Disneyland Kennel. She always enjoys their dog biscuits. She just likes her own food …she’s a bit of a Disney diva when it comes to eating..and yes, those are Ritz crackers,) plates/spoons/mini cup (she likes to drink out of the mini cups)/napkins, doggie bags and wipes.

Lady, my little maltepoo Mouseketeer

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company…”M-I-C…see you really soon…K-E-Y…why? because we like you…M-O-U-S-E” ( borrowed from the beloved Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song.)

Thank you for reading along. More Disney Days coming to the blog…til then, my fellow mouseketeers!