Mary Poppins’ Tea Party For Two…Part 1: The Decor & Activities

Montage of Mary Poppins’ Tea Party…with some of the foods and decor

I love a themed party or gathering. I love to do full scale parties with a bigger guest list, but often like to just have a few people over. Sometimes it’s for an occasion like a holiday or birthday and sometimes it’s just to be together, which in my world calls for a celebration. I love to celebrate people and just every day of life. This little tea party was just that. I had one of my girls over (a former student who is all grown up and is a teacher now herself.)

Front door and porch …I like to set a little of the mood before people even come in.

I wanted to create the vibe of entering Mary’s world before coming in the house. I drew a few chalk drawings, created a scene from the Banks’ house and a few little thematic touches on the door.

I’m no Bert with chalk drawings, but gave nod to the movie with a few little vignettes

“Let’s go fly a kite”…one of the vibes I wanted to create for the day…we all need to take time to play!

I created a little vignette of the Banks’ home with these vintage dolls…the little tea table has Mr. Banks’ newspaper and tea all ready. My mom helped me make the little sash for Mrs. Banks (love adding details like this!)

Close up of Mr. Banks and Mrs. Banks…her sash made me so happy …I love it!

Front door basket themed Mary Poppins ..I added daisys and cherries to an existing basket with flowers I had. Silhouettes are something I had as a reoccurring thing, so I added these small ones of Jane and Michael. I made a little address sign from a Mary Engelbreit card I had. The lettering and numbers were stickers.

The hutch near the door had a sign with Mary phrases depicting #livingthemarypoppinslife. On the shelves I created little Mary vignettes

I try when I host a theme to create an ambience, so that when people come in they feel like they are in the theme’s world. I do this through the decor…the activities…the food. Because I love Disneyland so much, I have things to draw from for Disney themes. What I don’t have I often create, so it’s a mix of both. These shelves bring a little of the outside in and are a good transition as my guest steps in the door.

Close up of shelf…I did a little “feed the birds” motif …the little house with sticker letters, puff of cotton smoke and kite added, is from Target’s Heart and Hand collection

I typed up some little phrases that depict #livingthemarypoppinslife …like “dance with a penguin”” and added stickers from Mary Engelbreit and Disney. I bought some chocolate coins at Sees to be tuppence. The flower basket with the bird and the birdhouse were given to me by my aunt years ago. The wonderful thing about parties is you can make them as detailed as you want. I do love to go all out for a theme, but I’ve had other gatherings that have had just a few special touches. It’s all up to you. For me, what matters is having these times. Making these memories, celebrating people, creating a special time.

The mantel decked in Poppins

I dressed the mantel in Mary Poppins’ “Let’s go fly a kite” motif. The adorable kite and cloud garland came from an Etsy shop as did the wooden sign. The Mary and Bert silhouettes I bought at a shop in Disneyland (love this shop where they handcut these adorable silhouettes.) The fireplace is a wonderful focal point in the room, so I always decorate it. It also serves as a backdrop for the photo booth we do at the end of party.

Photo of the fireplace and bar area with my Jane (aka our doggie Lady) looking on

On the fireplace hearth, the little rocker holds the signs and a few of the props for the photo booth. In front of the fireplace, is the coffee table, I placed themed word searches and a Mary Poppins’ game (I made.) Next to fireplace, the bar area is theme ready, too

Rocker holds the photo booth props

Close up of gameboard…the little London teapot with tea bag is my party favor for my guest

I like to do themes more then once. I’ve done the Poppins theme 3 times each in very different ways. The first time was 20 years ago for my then 5 year old niece, Meg. That is when I made this little game board from a file folder. I had fun drawing the little figures and coming up with the card directions…I just add a die and little playing pieces and it’s ready to go.

Close up of the party favors and party doggie

I love to send home a little favor. What would be more perfect then a teapot/teacup combo for one. I even had a little pouch with tea in it (made more adorable with a glued on daisy button).) I got the London (where Mary Poppins takes place) teapot at World Market as well as the teabag holder that says, ” Be you tea full.” It’s so fun when you find the “practically perfect” (pun quote intended) favor! I also used the teapot for decor during the party. The tea bag holder was part of my guest’s place setting (more on that in Part 2 of this theme.)

Our bar became filled with little touches of Mary…the party drink was a Cherry Limeade

Our bar is a fairly new addition. It’s a fun area for me to theme. I put a cute Mary figurine from Precious Moments Disney Collection on the left of the bar sign and a little wooden cut out of a teapot on the right side. On the counter, I had a couple vignettes. On the left, a little tea set with an umbrella. On the right side a carousel I got from Michaels (a few years back), it was part of their fairy garden collection.

Little miniature tea set and umbrella decorate the cocktail area. I have kite tail napkins and straws for the drinks. The “T” is from Mary Engelbreit

This carousel is perfect for the theme…I got it a few years back knowing someday I’d use it for a party

Cherry Limeade ( it’s a Pioneer Woman recipe)

In part 2, coming up next on blog, I will show the tea food and the table! Hope you enjoyed the party so far! Don’t miss the rest!

Part 2: The tea table, buffet and food!