Summer Home Tour Of My Wannabe Beach Cottage

I always have a theme for the current season. It often revolves around holidays of that time frame. The last few years I’ve done a beach theme. The fact I live in California and have always wanted a beach home makes this a no brainer. For one season, my home looks like it’s near the sea….at least inside. This year I added mermaids to the mix.

This is a little mermaid montage of a table I did and bar set up…this was so much fun to do .

I continued the theme of mermaids by doing a tablescape. I’m an avid dish collector. This summer I added two different dishes to my summer stash. Mermaid dishes I got at Disneyland and white dishes with beach shapes on rim from Pottery Barn Outlet. I usually purchase salad size dishes in sets of seasonal themes. This way I add more each year to what I have. The blue fish dish I got from Crate & Barrel a few years ago. The paisley green and blue dish was purchased in a set from Home Goods.

Mermaid dish close up…Shell Runner from Home Goods (purchased a few years ago) Blue and white floral runner is from Pottery Barn (purchased a few years ago)…Dare to Dream Mermaid napkin is from Party City ( purchased a couple years before…pays to keep extras from year to year)…Mermaid scale place mat from Hobby Lobby ( actually 12 by 12 scrapbook paper)…Silverware with blue and cream design from Pottery Barn (also purchased a few years ago…Pottery Barn has some wonderful dishes and silverware sets. I got this set on sale.)

PARTY POINTER: when doing table settings be on the lookout for seasonal/themed napkins. They can bring just the right little focal point to table and there are so many wonderful ones out there. Shop after holidays to get seasonal ones for a great price. For paper placemats, look at scrapbook papers. Craft stores often put these on sale, but even at regular price they are a great deal. These mermaid scale ones really added to the theme.

Mermaid center piece…mermaid was on clearance at Hobby Lobbyused white cake stands to add tiers…the blue gem “waves” are Dollar Store finds

I found this metal mermaid on clearance and built my centerpiece around it. While not Ariel, the design of mermaid seemed to mirror the mermaid design of plates

We’ve got no troubles life is the bubbles under the sea ( the “a” in sea is there …travails of a blogger …seems like little things you can miss like “a”s in quotes )

I just got the whales pillow from Pottery Barn Outlet. Mermaid dish was from The Disney Store, a few years ago.

Under The Sea Tablescape

Close up of other end of table from centerpiece …this little mermaid beckons one to join her

Mermaid themed tiered trays…brownies with little sugared starfishes and seahorses on the first tier…a mermaid with sign,” All wishes happen on the tides,” on the 2 nd tier…the top tier has a little sandcastle and white shell dish with fish crackers. The drink has a Swedish fish on edge and is made of pineapple juice, 7up and a little rum.

I love my galvanized tiered trays from Pottery Barn. They are so fun to theme and use. I like to put appetizers and desserts in them.

Bar themed in Mermaid

When I do a tablescape, I often theme the bar, too. I like to have a drink…this one was pineapple juice, 7 up and rum with a Swedish fish to place on rim of cup. Themed napkins, glasses and plates add to the vibe.

Close up of bar…clam dishes are from Target…Bar lit up letters from Hobby Lobby…Cup holder from World Market …Pitcher from Crate & Barrel…silver turtle with glass bowl is from Pottery Barn… small letterboard from Felt Nook boards on Amazon… starfish and seahorse on letterboard from Etsy shop Words With Means…Little Mermaid figurine and photo frame from Precious Moments

If you have been following me for any length of time, you have probably noticed my love or theming. For me, it just helps me have a launching point for decor and entertaining. It helps that I’ve collected things I love like Disney items, seasonal items and entertaining pieces. I use these pieces and just add a few little things to the mix.

Bar and fireplace view

My summer couch across from fireplace is filled with beachy pillows and an adorable maltepoo named Lady.

I love pillows. These lovelys are from: sailboat silhouette was purchased at Crate & Barrel Kids; the navy and powder blue light house and sailboat ones are from Pottery Barn, as well as the “love life” one; the solid colored slipcovered pillows are from Target. The quilted throw is from Home Goods. Lady, the doggie, is all ours and can’t be duplicated …smile

In the background, is a postcard stand I got from Pottery Barn. I collect postcards. I keep every one I’ve gotten from someone, too. I change out the postcard stand seasonally. In the summer, it has beachy and vacation ones…in winter, I have fun Christmas themed ones.

Mermaid letterboard close up

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my wannabe beach cottage. Summer is flying by …I’m going to savor it a bit longer, hope you can, too!

Lady and her seahorse are in the beach spirit