Spring is Here!

My dining room for spring …the first bit of sun we’ve had here for a while is streaming through the window

Today is the first day of spring! It’s raining here, but inside spring has sprung. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I wanted to “hop” in and share a few photos of my spring decor. ( I’m revamping the blog a bit …still will be sharing home decor, themes, entertaining, organization and my love of Disneyland, but a few changes are in the works!)

Added a place on each side of my hutch to display my seasonal dishes

I’m a collector of dishes. I love to set the table in a festive way, but I also like to display the dishes. These lovely ones are from The Pottery Barn. They are two different sets. The floral one and the solid colored ones are both egg shaped. I love this detail. The middle photo is a close up of the center part of my hutch. The felt bunny basket is from World Market. The Easter Joy sign is from Home Goods.

My dining room table has a centerpiece filled with Easter eggs. The runner is also egg themed.

I created the center piece putting in various Easter eggs with some Rae Dunn inspired ones I got last year. The egg with a chick on it is from Mary Englebreit. The runner is from Home Goods.

Close up of centerpiece

I put arranged sprigs of ivy amongst the eggs. I also added cute fluffy chicks to bring even more whimsy.

Peter Rabbit is the theme for the front entry shelves.

I love Beatrix Potter stories. Peter Rabbit is a favorite of mine. On these shelves, I try to capture a little of the magic of the book.

Close ups of elements of shelves

I have a few adorable Peter Rabbit plates from Pottery Barn Kids. The large white rabbit shown here is from Pottery Barn. The watering can is from Mary Engelbreit. The fairy garden I created. I got the rabbit and vegetables from JoAnn’s. I made the little blue felt jacket Peter is wearing.

Another close up of Peter Rabbit fairy garden

I’ve always loved fairy gardens. Arranging these little pieces to make this little scene was so fun. My mom painted the fence. It really gives that little detail that makes it look like a garden as does the rusted hoe and rake.

White rabbits frolic on these two shelves

For spring, I collect white rabbits. Here I display many of them as well as some white rabbit dishes I’ve gotten from Pottery Barn through the years. The little galvanized drawers as well as the “cottage” sign are from Hobby Lobby. The sign is from T.J. Maxx.

A close up view of the bottom shelves

I like to create little scenes. The 2nd from the bottom shelf has one of those. It begins with Mr. Mac Gregor’s Cottage with an arbor leading to a stone path. An adorable bicycle, that a friend gave me, stands at the ready. The shelf ends with my Peter Rabbit fairy garden.

The cute bicycle that a friend gave me…I just love the moss and pink mushroom in bike basket!

My coffee table decked in spring

Here is another little area in the living room. My husband made this coffee table when we were dating. I did a little theme about how the Lord loves us here. Easter is all about His death and resurrection. The little vignette with the foil colored Easter bunnies reminds me of my childhood Easters. We’d get dressed in our Easter best. My mom bought me the cutest clothes. I always had matching shoes and purses. At Easter, they were pastels of pink, yellow or blue, My daddy would get my mom and I wrist corsages of orchids. We’d go to church. I always loved Easter service because there were trumpets and it’s was so joyous. We’d come home and have an Easter egg hunt at my Aunt Donna’s. My brothers, cousin and I loved hunting for the eggs. My aunt instilled a love of celebrating the holidays and made them so fun. We’d get a basket from her and my parents ( or the Easter Bunny) with little foil bunnys and eggs.

I love putting things in my decorating that remind me of sweet memories like Easters from growing up. It makes them come to life again in the best ways. To this day, I always go to Sees for a few Easter chocolates like the ones I got each Easter. It takes me back to a time that is very precious to me with people I adored, some of those people are now in heaven. I’m thankful for each memory I have of them and these times.

Close up

I hope you enjoyed these peeks at some of my spring decor. How do you decorate for spring? What are some of the traditions you hold dear? I will be back soon to share a little more of my spring decor. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my blogging journeys!