My Themed Tribute To The Little Elephant, Dumbo, Who Brings Us To Tears and Cheers Through His “Tail”

Dumbo Drink Bar

I haven’t seen the new movie yet. I have mixed feelings about seeing it. The reason is simple, I get too sad at the beginning. I’ve felt that way about it and Bambi since childhood. The theme of being separated from your mother whether temporarily or permanently makes me cry every time. Now as an adult who, on a personal note, lost a child later in pregnancy, it hits way too close to home for me. I feel that pain of separation even more acutely. I doubt I’m alone. We all have to navigate loss in life as we journey on. It’s a painful reality. We identify with that poor little elephant or his mother or both. It gets us. Even though we know Dumbo will be reunited with her later, it’s a tribute to Disney’s masterful story telling that we still feel that scene so profoundly.

My Dumbo collection

While I may not be sure I want to see the remake right away. I still have a soft spot for Dumbo. The lessons the original taught still teach us today. It’s okay to be different. That we shouldn’t listen to the bullies who make fun of us, but believe we have a place in this life that matters. That a good friend, like Timothy, can encourage us that we can soar. That good wins out in the end. Dumbo’s innocence pulls on our heart strings and makes us want to protect him, cheer him on, and see him happy once more.

I love to do themed things from decor to parties. Any reason to, I’m on board, so when I heard they were remaking Dumbo, I wanted to create a few little tributes in his honor. It’s not the first time that I’ve done a Dumbo theme. I did a party a few years back. Below I share a few photos from that time with the decor and the food served.

Casey Junior Train with cars made out of peppers and cucumber wheels….I filled with veggies and placed in a toy train track with engine

I love to do themed simple flower arrangements …this was just white carnations that became the “the popcorn” put in a popcorn box. I had shelled peanuts for Dumbo… I created some Disney Scattergories topics, but used original game forms and pieces to play

Peanut butter cookie dip covered in Reese’s Pieces …found the recipe on Pinterest …with circus animal cookies to dip in it

Super simple dumb bells made from pretzel sticks and olives carry the circus theme on

I love to have photo booth with a mix of homemade and store bought props …my niece (on right) with a friend

More photo booth …my friend and I

Simple place cards give everyone a character for the night

The above photos show a birthday party I did with the Dumbo theme a few years back. The pictures below show a little corner of my home that I did in honor of the new movie coming out.

This shows the whole bar with the Dumbo Drink theme.

I had these adorable ceramic elephant planters a friend gave me. They were the inspiration for the bar. I filled them with red carnations, daisys, and baby’s breath. I added another vase arranged the same in the bar itself. Animal cookies and peanuts are in striped bowls that flank the tray. Their stripe design reminds me of the circus big top. On the tray itself is a napkin holder holding straws, umbrellas and napkins. Dumbo is in front of that. He is a Jim Shore figurine. The adorable elephant napkins can be folded two ways to give both designs. I got these at World Market several years ago. You can also see them in the Dumbo birthday party theme. The M&Ms I mixed to have a Dumbo color palette….of light blue, pink, yellow and red. Behind that is the blue themed drinks. They can be made with alcohol or not. It’s basically a blue raspberry lemonade ( Koolaid makes it easy) with some 7 up….if you want to add alcohol, I think rum would be a great choice ( coconut rum would be even better .) I added some maraschino cherries with an umbrella for a garnish and some blue sugar on the rim of glasses.

Close up of drinks, M&Ms and napkins

Elements of the bar

A cozy corner next to bar with a little Dumbo theme

This vignette is on a table near the chair …the cozy is from a wonderful Etsy shop called Happily Ever Cozies

Photo of the whole Dumbo themed space

I’d love to hear if you all love the original movie Dumbo or have mixed feelings like I do.

I’d also love to hear about what you think of the new movie!

Share your comments below.

Dumbo had a rough start. He got teased for being different, yet a friend helped him see his differences made him special. He soared above his challenges. We can learn a lot from this sweet little elephant. How we treat each other matters. The friends we choose matters. How we treat ourselves matters. Be kind to each other and to you. You were created to soar in your own unique way. Show the world what you’re made of and follow your dreams. Thank you for being a part of mine by following my blogs.