Celebrating Spring

Bunny Game Night Fun

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following me for a bit, that I love to create little themed events. I like to decorate and set an atmosphere when I do. Then I come up with little times to enjoy the season, holiday or occasion. This bunny game night is one I planned for Easter/Spring this year.

Bunny Bread Bowl up close

I began with deciding to make a bunny bread bowl for my dip. I got the idea on Pinterest and added my own touches. The bread loaf itself happened to be oblong making the bunny’s face more oval. I hollowed out the inside and filled it with a garlic dip I make ( super simple…just sour cream, garlic salt and garlic powder.) I placed it on a very large platter and added a baguette cut in half for the ears. The bunny face is 2 blue M & Ms for the eyes. A cherry tomato for the nose and chives for the whiskers. I framed the bunny in cherry red and yellow tomatoes then added sprigs of rosemary around the edges. Between the ears I put a cups of celery and carrots.

Close up of cheese platter

On a smaller platter, I placed a wedge of smoked Gouda, a wine infused dry salami and an Avocado Tzatziki Dip. I garnished it with raspberries, rosemary and mint sprigs. The cracker platter had heart shaped crackers, pretzel sticks and little toasts.All items are from Trader Joe’s ( except the heart shaped crackers they were from Stater Brother’s .)

Dessert platter

The dessert platter has a strawberry bunny as it’s centerpiece with edible grass nested ( from Walgreens) around it. In the bowl, are coconut cashews from Trader Joe’s. Raspberries, candied orange slices (also from Trader’s), mint meltaways ( Bate’s Nut Farm.) The foiled chocolate carrots are also from Walgreens. The bowls have peanut M & Ms and jelly beans. The white rabbit bowl is from Pottery Barn. The white platters are from Crate & Barrel.

Close up of table settings

I went simple on the table setting since it was game night. The adorable vegetable plates are from Crate & Barrel. The striped napkins and runner are from World Market. The tile place cards are from Details 2 Enjoy.

Hop To It It’s Game Night

I brought the theme into the game portion by creating a letterboard. The letterboard came from the wonderful Felt Good Vibes. The adorable bunnies came from A Peace Of Creativity. If you look closely at the dominoes you will see Mickey shaped dots because I always like to sprinkle a little Disney magic. I got these at Disneyland. The personalized cards came from Shutterfly.

Fun & Festive

This is a close up of food and games. I love the little vegetable puns on the plates. The white rabbit that is holding the daisies is also from Pottery Barn. I like to add a piece from their white rabbit collection every year!

Another bunny bowl I did a few years back for a Peter Rabbit theme

I like to revisit themes for many reasons. Once you’re done something it’s easier to do it again. Plus you know what you like and what you might want to change. Just tweaking a few things can make it take on a whole new life. Above is the first time I did a bunny bowl. This time I made the whole body of the rabbit. Same principles applied. I used a sourdough bowl and a baguette plus added a sourdough roll.

Bunny with face and dip

I did a hummus dip this round. I used chives for the whiskers both times, but used olives for eyes and nose.

vegetable Tray

In this theme I did a separate veggie tray instead of placing them around the bunny.

Peter Rabbit Cake

I love to add foods that give a nod to the theme. This was also used for the Peter Rabbit Easter. It was a store bought cake I just embellished. I added Oreo crumbs to top for soil. Made a marzipan Peter Rabbit and veggies. They were my first attempt at marzipan shapes and it wasn’t perfect, but I liked the effect.

Chick Cheeseball

This chick cheeseball I made another Easter. I looked up a basic cheeseball recipe and added my own spices. The feathers are shredded cheese. The feet and beak were cut from carrots and the eyes were olives. The wings were cracker halves. I loved how he turned out.

I love the whimsy these themed foods add to whatever occasion you are celebrating. They are great for a casual night of games to a more formal dinner party. They instantly add the theme.

Lady and her own Easter chick

I hope this inspires you to create your own themed times. It’s fun to celebrate holidays, occasions or just because. I wish you all have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate. I’m looking forward to sharing more themes in future blogs. Thank you for joining me in the journey.